Sent over to be a servant …

He, Enefiok was so fast! He had an unbelievable knack at running right pass the defenders with the ball like chewing gum to his feet, you couldn’t get anywhere near him and he’d always score! Such a privaledge was it to play in the same team or be on the same side competing against some of the best county sports children. This was a major talent he possessed along with one heck of a adoring smile! All the kids loved him in the school.


We as a family were hoping to adopt Enefiok , John or Speedie as he was known, he came over to England with a well off doctors family to help around the house and keep the son of this family amused . However they went back and I just wanted to have him live with us . I guess I was lucky to have it this way for almost two years . We went together to a new school, Magdalen college school in brackley and hit the ground running! He was the star and I had a little spark also .

Then news came that he had to go back. To nigeria. I was gutted.

We kept in contact with the help from my mum for a few years then news just disapeared. I was quite sad and didn’t know what had happened.

Then 30 years later when I was training with an academy in China with the Shaolin monk’s , news came to me that Enefiok was trying to find friends on the Facebook site. Well if there was one person in the world that I would want to see again it was him! I almost felt he had been killed in this troubled country of Nigeria, even though they say that Nigerians can be the happiest people on the planet!

We connected and then spoke for the first time in oh so long, 30 years plus! I remember when I ran into the training academy I was jumping up and down for joy, all the other athletes were just wonderering what had just turned me into this joyous freak! My black brother was found! Now to meet up!

I still had my training to do and we’ll I also had some further plans to go back to Brazil and continue with Capoeira, however i did so much want to meet up with Enefiok again. Just how and when? I was making many parties, festivals around Europe on my return from China via Thailand, Cambodia, India and Nepal however I had a suitable car that I toyed with the idea to drive down through the desert 4/5000 miles away and meet up With speedie. Though well erm I lost the keys to this acquired car, at one of the festivals in Italy and that idea just fell through. So in mid september, rather saddened I returned to the uk. There was still time almost a month as I could see it in November 2012 that I could hopefully arrange to get to Nigeria before flying back to the UK and then onto  Brazil and be in time for one of the biggest festivals happening for the new year! It sounded like a plan.

However just as I had spoken to Enefiok that we would indeed be having our reunion. I was on my way to get the visa in london. That they the Nigerian embassy stipulated you needed two full pages in my kinda somewhat fully battered nine year old passport. If I were to have some meaningfull time in Nigeria then I needed to get this passport done then and there. Otherwise I would be spending too much for such a short period of time. Again I was gutted!

So having returned from almost two years in brasil and south America, its third time lucky, (as I’m soon to be given a bumper 48 page passport) the idea to cycle too speedie surfaced. This time I am going to get there, may take me a year though I will make it and be reacquainted with my friend Enefiok Ikot!


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