Too see the heart!

_20151112_204749I met Simon from ‘Fresh Air Junkie’ shop in Banbury just a few weeks ago explaining my forthcoming adventures to cycle to Africa to help my friend in Nigeria asking if he could possibly help with one or two items that I felt was necessary. It’s not so simple in today’s business world especially for a small independent retailer in a competitive market, however surprisingly he asked for me to detail what items I may need and he would see what he could do. Well its certainly people like him that make you realise humanity can be truely present, I was amazed at his genourous heart! I wish Simon all the positive karma he should receive thanking him for the gifts of light (a light), direction (a compass) ¬†and shade (a hat) from the hot African sun! Jah bless…
IMG_20151112_204859These two wonderful ladies provided me with abundant energy of nature’s goodness for the start of my journey from the UK across into france, I’m on the ferry next Tuesday nite 17th November they surely are kind hearted souls and I am very fortunate to be looked after this way! Thankyou also to the personable security lady that took the photo and allowed my bike into the shopping centre without jobsworth can’t do that!

Actually it was quite an amazing day … You see I am going to do my best to get to Nigeria for free i.e. without using the funds that I can then transfer to Enefiok’s family… Actually I think this is a way to see peoples natural nature and the harmony that really would like to act without the constraints of the dreaded materialistic constraints imposed by societies. It ain’t right… freedom is… caring is… compassion is… love’ism… yeah!!!
DSCF3593My loving mother and father have shown their marvellous hearts so muchand I am lucky born being that has experienced this throughout my life. Y even free flowers for mum!!!


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