He had it all…


I think African children are so adorable … Honestly if they are sweeter you could almost eat them! Their velverty chocolate skins, stunning brilliant white eyes, fully engaging playful characters and the biggest smiles with perfect teeth! Really the spirit of life shines so vividly from within…amazing!!!

It’s quite funny you know I have thoroughly loved indulging with children all around the world especially in India for example where I helped back in ’96 in Puri in Orissa and this Irish ‘hedge school’. They were basically brought up more than seventy fisherman children on less than 70pence a month! Including two meals a day and all their education, books etc… However dispite them running around in their little blue shorts and brightly orange coloured shirts with maybe fingers literally dropping off ( leperacy) or having limbs lobbed off so they will earn more money, though this didn’t happen to the little girls, no they were just raped at 8, though dispite this they still had smiles and so lovable. Children can have it tough you know. Most of us have been so lucky, so lucky.

Look at the children fleeing Syria now. They need our help. They need to be loved. The world needs to love. That’s just about the thing there’s too little of in this world. I am certain on my travels to Nigeria, I shall encounter too many beautiful children happy playing maybe just running with a stick and a round metal wire wheel or a battered football or so, though they’ll be laughing and jumping about. Kids today in this western world could do with a bit of their spirit and we should share the resources a bit fairer no?

A little bit of love goes along way… That’s what they say…


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